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Reply to "dj johnny dynell"

Yeah, she's great.
And for 87 she still is in great shape...
thin and gorgeous!

LA is too much.
Of course I was having the time of my life but...

Well, the first thing I noticed was one gigantic billboard after another for crappy TV shows. Every hideous Fox and Lifetime tragedy, every stupid reality TV show etc. No movies, just TV shows. Then when I got to the hotel I couldn't believe it...
there was NO NEWS!!!
It was just MTV, VH1, EVERY entertainment news show but NO REAL NEWS!
I have been in hotels all over the world but have never been in one (even in the jungle) that didn't have CNN. Incredible. The only news I could get was about Britney or OJ.

I have a lot to say about LA but I think that's another topic.

The Empress and I are in San Francisco now.
We did the Barney's opening last night.
It was REALLY a big hit.

(Missy U, Your costumes rocked and were photographed to death).

We have one more show tonight then it's home.

Thanks for all the "break a leg" calls and texts etc. As soon as I get a minute I'll post pics and really get down and dirty. I have lots of good dish.