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Reply to "dj johnny dynell"

Yeah, I have the horns but I also had a table to put my CD book on.
I had to demand it.
I don't know how they can set up a Superstar DJ on stage at Wembley Stadium or any other stadium and make the DJ put his CD book AND COCKTAIL on the floor.
Look at poor little Sammy Jo...
On stage in front of (I'm guessing) 50,000 people looking gorgeous but all hunched over getting his (I'm guessing) Roberto Cavalli white jump suit all dirty.
And God knows where he is keeping his (I'm guessing) Gin & tonic.

The Live Nation concert producers had a field day with me when I demanded a table for my cocktail. (I didn't mention the CD book part). When I got to the show the tech guys were hysterical.
"Here Mr. Dynell is the table for your cocktail. I hope it's satisfactory. Is there anything else we can get for you?
I said, "Yeah, I'm still waiting for the cocktail".
They lost it.

Sammy, you have to DEMAND a table for your cocktail.