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Douglas Coupland Blogs, Sites, Rants

Douglas Coupland, author of 1991 classic "Generation X ".... I ran across his blog on the NY Times (Select section)

Interesting and funny article about his naming Viktor & Rolf dresses"

"The 13 dress names are composites formed from names of early 1950's Nevada nuclear test-drops of atomic bombs, random snatches of life in the digital world, and three-letter acronyms germaine to the modern world. They appear above mutant TV test patterns."

His home page

Check out his sculpture made from his book, "Girlfriend in a Coma"

and finally his rants about the evils of publishing...

"Many times through the years, a first-time novelist has asked me what he or she can expect from being published. How will my life change? It usually takes until the third beer to get to this question, and I usually try to duck the true response which is that nothing really changes. My publisher in New York, Karen Rinaldi, calls this waiting period before publication, 'The calm before the calm.'
A limousine packed with scotch, Thomas Pynchon and Cher never arrive at your front doorstep. Most of the people in your life don't read anything, so they probably won't read your book, and even if they do, all they're looking for is bits that sound like themselves. Maybe you'll do a radio interview. Maybe you'll do a signing. And then... [Insert image of tumbleweeds here.]"
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