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Reply to "Goin' To The Chapel: The Lesbian, Gay & T/S Marriage Topic"

here is something merlin wrote to the chritians recently: the topic -- are homosexuals an abomination?

the solutions put up by pagean roman christians gainst homosexauls are racist solutions. the same solutions white christians used on african
americans is now being used against christian homosexuals. where are homosexauls allowed to sit? where are homosexauls allowed to eat?
where are homosexauls allowed to live? all this will be solved with a constitutional amendement? dont' think so.

merlin is deeply concerned about the level of violence the recent threats have risen to. the us or them attitude from bush seems over the top. activists judges made bush president, now activist judging is bad? lol.

there is so much gay bashing going on that physical violence cannot be far behind. just after the homophobic pagean christian group exodus was shamed into silence, during the period of the effect of their ruthless
countless false rumors and statement in the media spread by exodus about homosexauls, matthew was crucified on a tree by the side of the road. because someone in all this gave some young guys permission to beat up
and murder a gay man by using scripture and verbal messages heard in the media from the likes of jerry falwell and pat robinson and others.

this constant harranging and picking on homosexauls is dangerous for
everyone. it leads to real violence, it leads to extreme violence with the weaker among us acting out what many pagean christians seem to be wishing for against homosexauls. this constant drone of negativity and demeaning statements and talk of separate tho not equal rights is gonna get someone attacked physically. (separate tho not equal constitutional rights?)

fellow christians, please turn your hearts back to jesus love, get off the blood and guts stuff, get out of the business of theatening the lives of homosexauls, get off the blood drinking and human flesh eating rituals, get away from the war mongers and haters among you, and find some rituals that reinforce love charity compassion and beauty.

mell is trying to prove the pagean romans right, that violence is so impressive people will yield to a ruthless tyrant rather than
risk........... the torture was designed for the effect it had on your by rome to rule the world. as america is now trying to rule the world. such is the case of many christians in europe during the war also.

this idea that you can discuss while having tea whether to stone homosexuals to death or when homosexauls can actually marry, seems so
racist. homophobia is racism. the solutions put up against homosexauls are racist solutions.

in love with the living gay jesus,


since mel made jesus a cute euro boy, we can all make jesus in our
image? is it not all the same engraving?