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Reply to "Greer Lankton"

i don't understand why there are all these personal family letters printed here. should not the LANKTON FAMILY save them for a more personal FAMILY web page? the reason these letters bother me so much, is due to the fact that they are so filled with LIES.

i don't understand why the LANKTONS choose here to paint their distorted portrait of GREER.
so if i may, please let me correct a few statements that they have made.

All of my information is based on what Greer personaly told me, and from what I witnessed first hand. including the countless hours i had to endure in the LANKTON FAMILYS pressence.

i first met Greer in 1981, we started dating in 83 and in 84 Greer moved in with me at 34 east 7th street. 1987 we were Married, Teri Toye was Greers maid of honor. As far as i am concerened we are still LEGALLY married. the only way we wouldn't be is if one of the LANKTONS forged my name on the divorce papers. which is what Greer told me her mother did so her mother could get Greer on finacal aid from the goverment.
Greers family did not support her sex change- they forced her to have it. Greer told me her mother was so humilated to have a gay son that she badgered and belittled Greer into having the sex change. making Greers " problem " perceivable as a medical one. and allthough several doctors declined approval for Greers sex change her mother found a private doctor to perform it.

Cloey states here that the surgery was "botched", UNTRUE there was nothing botched about Greers surgery except the fact that it should not have taken place. Greers man made vagina was exquiste and fully functional.

the fact is, Greer was not mentally prepaired to be a female because she was happy being male. her body could never handle the hormone replacement. this was the main reason that Greers mental state was so erratic.

and Cloey the teeth you found in Greers apt were for DOLLS. if you would just LOOK at her ART you would easily see that. instead you try to portray Greer as some sort of deviant. which she clearly was not.

and Cloey- trying to discredit JOJO here is also pointless. JOJO was a very good friend to Greer, and Greer told me that she loved him. and YES he does indeed have the DRESS that Greer wore at our Wedding.
if your family didn't toss all of Greers possesions in the dumpster you would still have it.
i find it quite telling that your family choose to DESTROY all of Greers work, photos, and her PRIVATE personal belongings.

isn't that the LANKTON family song.
if your FAMILY cared for Greer at all they would have CHERISHED her things, every last thing!

i will also never forgive LYNN LANKTON for lieing to me about Greers funeral service, telling me there was not going to one so i wouldn't show up. and having Greer cremated was against her wishes. if you knew GREER at all you would have known she wanted a PLOT with a Monument, so her FANS could worship her there.

i could go on and on about how here in print the LANKTON family are trying to rewrite Greers history to suit their needs. out of GUILT i suppose. but let me just tell you all this...YOU CAN"T. too many people know the TRUTH.

and for Greers FANS that would like some factual information- a brief list follows-

Her favoite color was Baby Blue.
her skin was flawless like paper. she used Shiseido face powder and Chanel lispstick- usually RED. heavily mascarred eyes. and the finest of penicled brows. she would sit at the mirror for hours perfecting them. for scent she wore a mix of Keils Chinese Flowers and Chanel #5. her nails were either Tiffany blue or cherry red.
Greer had a closet full of Gernreichs, Puccis and Chanels and she loved denim. Greer loved poka dots, anything sheer and the color Cream. She piled on the jewelry faster then i could make it. Greer loved big pearls and rhinestones of every color.
She wore Maryjanes in the day and Kitten heels at night. nearly always with a black sheer stocking.
at home with me she wore an old silk chiffon Balenciga Gown with layers of tattered tulle beneath. outside in public she liked to be nearly nude. she loved to expose her perfect breasts.
usually wearing a see through blouse with a beaded mini skirt. the skirt would be constructed from one of those 1960's beaded shells. she would sew up the arm holes and be able to use the neck hole as a waist band. Greer was a very skinny girl!
Greer was a natural blonde, who highlighted her hair to a creamy gold tone, and her hair was as smooth as pure silk.
She loved Hot Tamales, ice coffee and dope. she practacally lived on Ensure, vanilla flavored. and she would giggle like mad at the sight of a Pink Frosted Dunkin doughnut. she was hardly ever without a ciggarette or a joint in her hand. Winston lights in the Gold pack were her then favs.
she loved Candy Darling, Diana Vreeland and Sunny Von Beulows Glamourous ways. Greer lived GLAMOUR HARD. i never once saw her when Glamour wasn't oooozing out of her. even in her darkest hours, the dignity of glamour was always about her.

Greer loved New York. She loved stalking the upper east side ladies for dieting tips. we would follow certain beige icons through the small food stores spying their goods.
Greer loved Serendipty, with all its Warhol mystique and the eye high hot fudge sundaes.
she loved Sutton Places Boars Heads Park and Tompkins Square. we moved into the Christadora so she could be close to the trees. Greer loved to be in nature.
She loved to fuck outside too, when we would be in Palm Beach she loved to fuck on the beach right outside the Kennedy compound or in the doorway of the Chanel boutique after midnight.
Greer fit right in in Palm Beach, her look her walk her manner.

Her favorite movie was Freaks, and she devoured any info on Marilyn, Garbo and liz. She was a constant reader of bios, and loved any doomed socialites life. her favorite song was Patti Smiths Horses. she loved nina simone iggy pop and madonna.
Greer had a huge collection of dolls, her favorites were the wimseys and trolls. She kept boxes of clippings for inspiration. they were over flowing with photos of midgets anorexics and the obese.
and she was crazy for models and eccentrics like edie peggy twiggy divine.

Greer was her happiest when she was working on Dolls, high in the tub, or garnishing praise from admirers.
i was the happiest with her in my arms.

She had an incrediable wit charm and grace. and a talent beyond anyones imagination. she was the master of any artistic endeavor, she was untouchable with her knowledge and skill. her work was breathtaking, godlike.

i unlike the LANKTON FAMILY am not relieved that GREER is dead. and would give anything for even just a few seconds more.

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