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Reply to "Greer Lankton"

I have some exciting news, and a favor to ask.

Earlier in the month we had taken a long weekend trip to stay with Jojo, and he gave us a bit of a project...

He's recently uncovered a VHS tape that someone had given him of Greer called "The Contortionist" it is prior to her operation and she's credited as "Greg Lankton"

Jojo says Greer loved to tie herself up in knots and stay in contorted positions, so she and her sister created this home movie. It is really Greer in an impossible number of positions, time lapsed. She manages to cover every square inch of furniture and spot in the room before the film is done.

So, our task was to find a way to get this gem onto DVD and YouTube. We've now enlisted our friends who do "Meet Cleaver Theater" to help with getting it transfered, edited and compressed for web.

Now here's the favor.

We're going to create a couple versions. The original has some circus type music in it that Jojo really felt took away from the timelessness of the piece, and doesn't reflect Greer's personality very well.

We'd love to pick a song that represents her better and also goes with the theme of contortion. Any ideas?

Of course we'll keep the original version too. Smile

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