Reply to "Grey Gardens"

While researching some things to do with friends coming in from Cincy next weekend, we ran across this topic related event @ Coney Island .

Bambi the Mermaid Presents: Coney Island's Burlesque Salute to "GREY GARDENS"

Fri, May 15, 10:00pm – 11:59pm

There aren't many more details than that...

They are also having a showing of a Dali piece beforehand @ 8pm:

Friday, May 15th, 8 PM @ The Coney Island Museum $10

Bedlam Theatre Presents: Dali's Liquid Ladies

Welcome to the World’s Fair

Deep in the heart of Coney Island, we bring you the Midway’s only surrealist funhouse, where you can take a tour through your own most perverted secrets and your most terrifying nightmares. See social conventions tossed to the wind! Beautiful mermaids swim in the waters of our collective fantasies, clothed only in their commitment to high art! Come one, come all to Salvador Dali’s Dream of Venus. Where even your most shameful desires come true.

Directed by Samantha Johns. With original music by Hot Tony Biele.
Starring Jon Mac Cole, Kait Sergenian, Savannah Reich, Katie Melby and
Mark Rehani.

We're hoping to be able to do both.