Reply to "Grey Gardens At Irving Plaza"

I have a GREY GARDENS memory.....

I was there one night,dancing to Daddy's house mix, when he started playing the song "Love and Happiness" by "India",which was a HUGE club hit at the time.
I was caught up in my groove,dancing,when i looked up and there,up on the stage w/daddy was India,singing the song!Totally unannounced!
that was an amazing moment!
She has such a beautiful voice!

Besides that,the place alway's looked great.
the film loops were amazing and there was nice touches such as candles and tablecloths on the tables which added to the "cabaret" feel.
Plus in the middle of the night they would stop the music and Hattie would read from Emily Post!
Things like that don't happen in clubs anymore!

BTW,Daddy,it was good talking w/you at the David Barton gym.Thanks alot for the advice!!