Reply to "Grey Gardens At Irving Plaza"

Ah- Grey Gardens was for me:
Hattie and Emily Post
Martha Staunch
Johnny Dynell
The fabulousness of the burlesque girls- I was always in awe
Gogo dancing on the dance floor platforms with Hehena Handbasket (boy! what a fuckin body HE had!) dressed in rogue, early 70s, poor-boy east hampton carriage help costumes. Altough I enjoyed the gogo dancing, I really enjoyed the dancing with Helena. He was strong and we could get into some real pretzel-like forms on that platform. Hattie- What was his name?? Daniel?
Wendy Wild! Oh, God! I miss my Auntie. She would always show up, sick from her treatment; generally because Tim L. or someone would get her out of the hospital and bring her. She would love her cocktails, a great mix with her pain meds.
I LOVED Grey Gardens. Such Culcha.