Reply to "Grey Gardens At Irving Plaza"

It was actually Christian Womyn (sp?) who did Evita (or was it dead Evita?). God I'm going all misty from reading this topic. Mostly because I remember the lethal cocktails Triket served me and my friends (Special K/ Gwen Inc anyone) who had introduced me to the party and thus Johnny, Chi and Hattie. I had my very first job in NYC nightlife when Hattie and Daddy hired me to do setup/breakdown for $40. I would've done it for free I was so in love with that night. And to think how naive and JC I was back then. At least now I'm not naive....BAH!

Grey Gardens for me is:
1. gold spray-painted butoh dancers
2. Emily Post
3. running to get Hattie coffee
4. that fucking broken India record
5. the films-specifically the one of Hats and Daddy's faces with a spiral spinning behind them a la Twilight Zone or something (or High Anxiety)
6. Was that where Nowheresville originated? I remember some night with all the letters sent to one town as decor
7. Joey Arias' gaping mouth coming for me
8. Casper....oh CASPER!
9. End of the night songs: Got To Give It Up and Love Is the Message (where I first heard that track btw)

As you said Daddy, it's hard to imagine someone putting that much effort into concept and design in the present nightlife culture. Although sometimes I will be a part of something and it will be like a glimpse back at those times and I guess we're lucky to have that.