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HyperGender Burlesque

This Saturday, April 14 @ 9pm at WOW it's the premier night of HyperGender!
59-61 East 4th Street
(btw Bowery and 2nd Av)
$10 (WOW Cafe Theatre has a policy of nobody turned away so if this is too much to pay come anyway or offer to help)

This new burlesque show may be messy, may be dirty, may be just a bit fucked up ... it may be all that and more; however, you should be warned: this is NOT a good old tassel and twirl show, may not be where you want to bring your but of town cousins when they come to visit, your grandma might find it in poor taste and your dad may feel NYC is corrupting your innocence ... but then - didn't you come to the city to live on the edge?

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"we struggle because desire has no limits"
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