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Reply to "HyperGender Burlesque"

After you see Low Life and grab a dinner ... walk toward Bowery because...

HyperGender Burlesque presents:
Shakespeare in the Nude
Tonight Saturday September 8 @ 10pm
59-61 East 4th (at Bowery)

This is not your high school Shakespeare ... though I think the bard would approve of our interpretations Big Grin

Artists stripping Shakespeare:
Tigger! - Lady Macbeth dies, but you never knew how ... "out damn'd spot"
JZ Bich - before she dies, Lady M goes mad ... why? "come to my woman's breasts"
Bunny Nose Best - remember the witches ... where it all started "
Agent N with Stormy Leather - Romeo and Juliet just got sexier ... btw did you know Charlotte Cushman played Romeo to her sister Susan's Juliet (1846) Big Grin
Strawberry Cream Puff will strip Cleopatra ...
Fetchin' Gretchen comes as that pound of flesh Shylock requested ...
Uzi La Gunn brings the storm in her vision of the Tempest
Plum Manchego makes us understand why a woman will fall in love with an ass ...

Anti Social kills JZ Bich in her version of Hamlet!

Show is clothing optional and we encourage our audience to misbehave!