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Reply to "HyperGender Burlesque"

At 10pm - HyperGender Burlesque presents "Religion Gone Wild"
WOW Cafe Theatre
59-61 East 4th (at Bowery) - 6 to Astor Place, F,V to 2nd Av
$10/$5 for burlesque performers

(nobody turned away for lack of funding)

As we approach the end of 2007, HyperGender decided to return to
family values and turn them upside down. From cults to Hinduism, from
Jesus's time to days in the convent, HyperGender Burlesque will
deliver it all. Muslims and Jews will get naked together. Not even
Santa is safe!

HyperGender is a post-neo burlesque show, uncensored and thought
provoking, while sexy and humorous at the same time.
Featuring: JZ Bich Bunny Nose Best Fem Appeal The Incredible, Edible
Akynos Amber Alert Rani Agni Dizzy Swank
Video Presentation after the burlesque set by: Anti-Social Agent N -
The World Premerie of Agent N's videography!!!!!
December HyperGender is co-hosted by JZ Bich and Bunny Nose Best.

followed by:

the official post HyperGender party ...
Victoria - faux queens party
The Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
$10/$5 with RSVP to

Don't miss the duets night at Victoria ... La John Joseph and Glenn
Marla, Queens Marie and Harley, and of course JZ Bich and Weirdee
Girl! Hosted by Dr. Lukki!