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Reply to "HyperGender Burlesque"

HyperGender presents The Super Queeros!

WOW Cafe Theatre
59-61 East 4th
June 27th at 10pm
$10 general

Following the Dyke March and before the Pride Parade what a better way to warm up for the all night debauchery but with help of sexy, naked queers. Emulated by many this indigenous East Village creation is full of idiosyncrasies yet quite engaging and loved by the audience. Maybe it is the shows' unyielding eccentricity that has made HyperGender one of the few long lasting burlesque shows or perhaps it is the creators love for the art form, for the audience and for all things queer that has made it stick around. We don't know but we hope you come and discover it with us. If you are only visiting New York you don't want to miss it because in years to come you want to say you were there when it was happening.

Hosted by the birthday girl, the one and only NC17 of the burlesque - N and the queer diva of undefined gender JZ Bich this show will celebrate N's 30th birthday, Anti Social's birthday and the 40 years since Stonewall!

Guests will include some of the most beloved burlesque queers: Tigger!, Glenn Marla, Switch N' Play, Chic and Sassy, Bianca Dagger, Fetchen' Gretchen and video by Anti Social.

Reservations strongly encouraged.
Call 917 591 6185 or email or buy tickets at hypergender website
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