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I married a geek!

She married a Greek but I married a geek!
Anybody else have this problem?

My wife (The Empress) has been a geek since she built her first main frame in 1987. Along with her geekie friends Falon, Jade Barbee, Adam & Leslie, and especially Rob Roth aka "Glamnerd") they have spent years staring into computer monitors, inventing the Internet and generally geeking out.

The other day I called Tekserve (original Mac stronghold since the eighties) about a music software question. The girl asked my name and I told her. She gasped.
"Johnny Dynell"? My head swelled like a Macy's thanksgiving Day balloon as I thought "she knows my work".
"Wow, Johnny Dynell" she exclaimed, "as in Chi Chi Valenti"?
Are you kidding me?
Her name is synonymous with geek!

What am I to do?
I married a geek.
It's horrible.

Wait a minute...
I'm having a tech problem.
I need someone to zap my P Ram or something.
Who can I call?
Gotta go.

Can you take a look at my computer?
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