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Who could forget the ill-fated Cuchofritos?

I remember going to The Pyramid one Sunday night in the early 90's - just as "Fuck!" was about to end. Being an NYU suck-in-your-cheeks gender-performance snob then (then?), I was anticipating a memorable show. Having read about the legendary likes of Ethyl and the Pyramid ilk, I wanted to be astounded. We were treated to a rather shoddy amatuer strip contest instead. But there was one redeeming factor...Hattie Hathaway and Richard Move MCing the "event". Richard earned a place in my heart when he quipped that the contestant painted blue (genitals et all) with a mohawk hair-do "got extra points for hair and make-up".

Later on when "Cuchofritos" started, Johanna Constantine and myself did a brief stint as Djs in the basement - we named it "The Poontang Lounge" ("Enter The Enigma"). Besides playing mostly unlistenable music, guests (there were a few, I think) were treated to the showboating antics and song stylings of James F. Murphy from time-to-time.

But I'll also never forget seeing Hattie and Hapi together on stage at Cuchi. And Hapi explaining the difference between "habichuelas" and "frijoles", "Puta" and "conyo". It was a valuable Spanish lesson - one which has come in handy as of late. And their Burns and Allensesque on-stage antics were worth the price of admission. I miss the Pyramid dressing room and the years of graffiti scrawled on the walls - especially the "Big Drag Foot" doodle.

Many happy times were had at 101 Avenue A. I won't even go into Blacklips, although I will mention one of my more favorite memories of that era...Blacklips had just disposed of its "Swiss Family Donner Party" set onto the curb outside. It consisted of a pile of dried-up, 2nd week of January-old Xmas trees -someone walked by and threw a lit cigarette into the pile which started a huge bonfire. Hattie, at his wits end (as usual), turned on the lights and said "That's it, everybody out...". Another shining example of Hattie's crisis management skills!

May they someday really excavate The Pyramid and find the treasures of the Queens!

Poison Eve


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