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I first discovered Pyramid in late '87. My very first night happened to be a big benefit show, I think for Dee's teeth. Yeah, I know she didn't quite get them for a while, but that's another story. It was one of those super shows with a zillion acts! I was dazzled!

In '87 the pyramid was all painted in crazy black and white trippy swirls, the shows were wild, and I was sold! It broke my heart when they painted it black.

I became a regular at Hapi's party. It's what inspired me to do drag. I think Hattie was the first person to ever PAY me to do drag. I danced a few times at Pyramid. It was there that I met Chuckie, a quite insane, but certainly genius queen that was probably one of the most cosmetically adventurous people that I've ever met! I remember her eyebrows, four over each eye in different dayglo colors!

We had a little mini scene going on in the basement for a while, around '90. I was DJ and all of my friends would come and put on a retarded show. Seen there were early incarnations of Hedda Lettuce, Winona Juggs, Sissy Fit, and a bunch of people I forgot.

Later, the always personable Mitch Amtrak booked me to DJ for a while. My big Pyramid break came in '93. I wanted my foot in the door, so I
threw a HUGE "Freaks For Freedom" benefit to send a bus to the '93 March on Washington. It turned into a 4 hour show!! Everyone who was
anyone performed! I have a tape to prove it. Linda Simpson, Perfidia, Lulu, Kembra, The Murmurs, and many many more.

A few months later, Dany and Ande called me to replace Formika as their hostess for their Sat. nite party "The Ball." I was so excited to have a weekly gig! I think it lasted around 2 years. My# 1 fan was a very hot femme dyke in the crowd, who, years later, shaved her head and became the drag king we now know as Dred!

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