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Reply to "I'm from normal parents (The Pyramid Club Topic)"

Hello Ann's Brother, Bill!
Just the other day I was sitting in a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale and thinking of Ann and of writing a bit about her...
Ann's involvement with the Pyramid predated my own, believe it or not. She was the regular host of Bobby Bradley's brainchild-- a Sunday night performance art event called "Cafe Iguana." Gracious, chatty, and personable, Ann's introductions often began in a rambling and disconnected manner, but somehow she managed, during the course of her monologue, to brilliantly tie all these odd elements together into a wonderful and magical grand finale. She was definitely an inspiration to me and taught me quite a bit about working an audience and connecting with them-- valuable lessons indeed.

Ann was truly a personality and a definite EV fixture, and her kohl eye makeup, put on like it was thick magic marker, was often imitated by young drag queens and genetic females alike.
I know I, for one, definitely worshiped her!

Ann was also able to take many of the traditions we had inherited from the Sixties and Early Seventies-- such as Astrology and Eastern Mysticism-- and translate them very adroitly into the new punk idiom of the early 1980s.
Her weekly "Astro-flash" where she discussed astrology while the sound guy played with the reverb and echo was a perfect example.

She was a very private person, and like a will-o-the-whisp, would disappear for most of us when the Pyramid closed its doors on Sunday night, only to reappear, like an apparition, the following week.

And I most definitely remember the Father's Day moment with your father. That, in itself, was groundbreaking!
I will look atound for pics of Ann, though her time on the Pyramid stage occurred before we even thought about documenting this clubland phenomenon.