Reply to "Is New York over?"

And oddly enough, my mailing list is called Amber Ray of light...
Please join...I always have something going on and I would be happy to talk, one on one, with you about some interesting events...
I know a handful of other things you might like...
I just moved here, not yet a year ago, and have felt the same...Now I am really working hard to get a sense of community by dabbling in many different scenes...
There is hope...I am trying to create it and then what it creates...A MIndBlowing wonderful experience!
Ny is full of nooks and crannies...
Its like a real live "legend of link" video game ...with hidden prizes and enemies to dodge and amazing other worldly creatures to learn from and share with.
I love going out almost every night and searching out all the different scenes and little art openings and parties, you would be amazed to see how much you find in versatility.
The more you give the more you get.
I like to make my own scenes sometimes, too.
So many hearts aching to be set free...I am unlocking them all if I have the power to...I feel this Uncontrolable need to Bring sensationalism to the table!!!
After all, It starts with our senses, we choose our own lives and realities based on our senses.
So lets see some choices going on...
I might be willing to help start up a party...
We may need some more, soon.
But at Any rate, KIT and let me know what you are looking for...

BtW, I love ya ChiChi, But I have to disagree with the New Orleans thing, and anywhere else for that matter...
I lived in NOLA and it wasn't good at all...It's all touristy and a huge splotch of drug addicts and homebodies who aren't really doing anything...
I lived on Bourbon for awhile and I had to leave of Boredom.
It's an extremely transient place, so people with a real mission don't seem to stay very long.
I can't think of any big names coming out of New Orleans, either. (not that it matters too much)
All the cool people I met, left before I did, and the events for our subcultures seemed to be few and far between with a few regular places to choose from that got super boring, super quick...
I think the fact that NY changes so much is part of what makes it so exciting.
And European cities?!
Ah, I love Europe.
Fun to explore, but I am sure they would simmer down too if you were there long enough.
I love NYC, I finally feel like I am at home!
Thanks to Mama ChiChi and Daddy Johnny and all the amazing and beautiful critters in this huge Kingdom of ours.
This type of thread almost brings a tear to my eye.

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