Reply to "Is New York over?"

We do live in a dying city.

And we've had to become experts at creating our own fun.

If WE can manage to have fun in Cincinnati, Ohio...


We TOTALLY relate to the making good money to travel comment, and the having one good event to look forward to comment (with the rest being filler) And the trying new things... We have fun doing some of the STUPIDEST things smile

To either comfort you (hopefully not to bring you more down) the Gothic/Industrial scene is not doing very well in many places in the US, not just NYC. It seems to have become stagnant and when that happens, people lose interest.

We recently both just got raises... making it even less likely that we'll find jobs worth moving away for...

So, we're here for a while, and we're just so sick of the fact that we HAVE to go out of town for a good night out, so we decided to start off with a one-off night at the local Gothic/Industrial club down here:

They've been sparsely populated since our riots last year, and are really excited about it. The owner really values marketing and advertising and knows that if word gets out, the crowd will show.

I'm sure that's the case up there also. There have to be places that are just limping along and want some CPR.

We haven't hosted a night in our hometown for 3 years... We're a bit nervous, we don't know how it's going to go, or if people will even get into it, but what will it hurt to at least give it a chance? The owner is already talking about a regular event...

You may not be a party thrower, but you do know what it takes to create a good night out. You just need to find a partner or two to fill in for the things that you can't/don't like to do. You'd be really surprised about how many things fall into place when there is one person with a vision and other people willing to work to make that vision come to life.

An exciting idea has "legs" it is birthed and takes a few tentative steps, starts walking and then starts running. It just takes someone to give it that first breath of life.

From the looks of it, you've got quite a few people interested already smile