Reply to "Is New York over?"

Since I have been here, I have seen parties come and go and seen People come in and go out of scenes...
I think this is somewhat normal for NYC but I also feel that longing.
Like something isnt quite right.
I am trying to keep my eye on everything and get happily and ardently involved as much as I can....
Does anyone need me to help with anything?
The networking can make me scatter-brained.
So Much to keep track of...
But I need to be connected to live!
Esspecially in the wonderland That is my home.
Ya... Listen to that Lexy And Miss Tanya....
There is alot of love from many, many more amazing people in this string of posts.
I haven't got a terribly solid plan, yet.
But watch out...Lexy's right...Ima comin'.....
(Muah ha ha.)