Reply to "Is New York over?"

Well it would seem that the advent of the
"super clubs" is upon NYC. The opening of
the new and improved Estate, while not as
interiorly large as it used to looks
like the changing of the guard is upon us.
How many venues have just spent their/your
dollars on renovating/ updating their interiors
for club goers? Hush now Discotheque, Mint
formerly Chaos and waaay back The Bank? All
this rejuvinate your good
time and surroundings.
Yes, Crobar is going to be massive in size,
liken it to Exit if you would...and the
new Buddha Bar soon to be opened in the flower
district will transport you to the venue
back in Paris.
How can promotors give you what you want
when clubs now sock you with high bar
guarantees,insist on over 18 age status and
really are only interested in the "bridge &
tunnel" set or the up-town "slummers" who
really do spend all their money on the bar?
You'll find what you're looking for in
smaller venues...if they can hold out long
enough to start a trend. Promotors for goth,
electro and industrial are now watered down
to one or two venues that keep changing. You'll
find Dj's from the soon to be defunct Gomorrah
posse at Sapphire,Webster Hall,Remote, CBGB's
Gallery, Slipper Room,Bat cave....LI & so on.
Where is everyone going now? Are promotors
finding that holding an event once a month
easier than fleshing out a new theme each week?
Hopefully we'll all be dragging our well
heeled stylish derriers to some of these newer
venues soon....where everybody knows your name!