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Reply to "Jo-Jo Baby - Dollmaker - chapter 2"

Jojo has some exciting stuff happening right now as a result of meeting Clive Barker in Chicago during a gallery event and book signing.

Clive visited Jojo's Gallery and they are discussing a couple commissions.

In addition, he sent a film crew to Chicago for a week to interview Jojo, film he and Sal-e getting ready for Boom Boom Room... Jojo also convinced a guy to have his cock cast on film... he got a new tattoo, hit "Berlin" for one of DJ Greg Haus's sets and they did multiple interviews with he and his friends throughout the week...

They are now thinking they will be coming back to Chicago to film for another full week.

It could result in a very entertaining documentary about Jojo and the entire Chicago Scene right now.

Chi Chi, you send out your voodoo request and I'll let Jojo to send one out to pull you. Smile

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