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Reply to "Jo-Jo Baby - Dollmaker - chapter 2"

This is a group of pieces Jojo is working on now.

In the front is a casting of one of his models that is to be a piece called "The Island" it is inspired by a piece that Clive Barker drew, and Jojo has talked to him about bringing it to life in 3-D.

I won't reveal the entire concept, just know that last time I was up, Jojo and I went shopping for very, very tiny people. Smile

In the background there are two painting that Jojo is working on. He just picked up oil painting, and has finished one, and started these two.

The larger is a self portrait of his angel and devil sides. The smaller up top is going to be in the style of a Saint Portrait, and will be Jojo preying to his Mother as a one legged Playboy Bunny caught in a spider web.

Jojo's mother was a Playboy Bunny for a number of years @ the Chicago club. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago after complications from a Brown Recluse bite. (yes virginia, he knows Brown Recluse don't spin webs.) Smile

For a larger version of the above shot Go Here.

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