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This is the Maya Deren story as much and as far I remember it...

It was around the time that Deren was inundating herself in Voudoun culture and ritual-- she recorded two albums of ritual music, wrote a book on the subject and was shooting footage that would later be assembled into the film The Divine Horsemen. She was also supposedly inducted as a Voudoun priestess. She met Anger at a party and for whatever reason began to have a psychic battle of wills while standing in the kitchen, which she quickly ended (and won) by levitating the fridge onto Anger and breaking his leg.
This must have happened during the Fifties, as Deren's first film, Meshes Of The Afternoon which wrecked everyone was done in the mid 1940's, and she died in 1961, either as punishment for revealing Voudoun "secrets", or as a result of a cerebral hemmorhage due to starving herself and abusing benzedrine, depending on who you believe.
Personally, I think she should have levitated that fridge a bit higher... onto his head!


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