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Reply to "Kenneth Anger"

WOW...Yeah...I figured some of you may have had some kind of experience with him...
I had recieved a call from Stanton Lavey(Lord knows how he got my number!!), and he told me to watch my back because people were looking for me, and then...a couple days later...
Kenneth came back to the hotel after he attacked Stanton!
Suddenly i didnt feel such a threat, anymore.
And we had the police come and he was held till a mental evaluation could be made by a doctor...
As they cuffed him and carried him out he continued to shout obsenities at me.
I look like a butch dyke at work.
Kenneth Anger never even saw me in my "true art" form...He just thinks I am some desk clerk.
But anyways...

The point I am punking is that this place doesnt have the love or the true grit of NYC.
Just A fertile Valley of Endless BS.

I miss you all, almost desperately.
I cant wait to get home and work so much harder than I did before.
I have a whole new view.
And I am forever thankful for all of the support and sensational opportunities I had back home, with Y'all.

So here is a pic of Muffin and I: