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Reply to "Kenneth Anger"


We hadn't seen this thread when we saw you up at the Burlesque Festival Labor Day weekend, so when you told us we were shocked. We are so glad you are safe.

We've also never had access to any of Anger's films, so have been ignorant of his work until now...

This week we went to Shake It Records here in Cincy and Zazoo pics up "The Films of Kenneth Anger (volume one)" off the featured video display rack and says "Look, doesn't that look like Amber Ray? (pointing to the back of the box.)

The third picture over on the top of the back of the box is an image from "Puce Moment."

Of course we purchased the DVD and ran right home to watch it.

We were floored when "Puce Moment" started. We saw a lot of you in Yvonne Marquis in many of the same mannerisms and facial expressions, especially when you perform... We were wondering if he might not have been displacing something from the past. It really gave us the creeps.

However, we just couldn't stop watching every frame of every film. We could not believe what we were seeing. Something completely out of time. Simply not possible that it could have been produced in the culture of the time... Blew our minds.

The films have be restored to the point of extreme accuracy on this DVD. Each and every frame was restored, and in some cases corrected for print/reprint orientation. We're really curious to hear what people who have seen the previous copies of these films have to say. Have they been sterilized?

We're sorry if we are opening wounds, but at the same time can't help but reacting to genius even scary genius.

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