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Reply to "Kenneth Anger"

Actually it was more wierd than anything...He did bruise me, however...I have pics of it somehwere.
He never saw me in drag So I have no idea if he even realizes I am a personality.
I would love to see his movies.
I can quite safely say that he is wacko.
he would talk at me for hours and hours when i was on 3rd shift saying all kinds of crazy things. Claiming he was the father of this middle eastern guy who was staying at the hotel.
I dont know if he knew he was making stuff up or if he was delusional. He would obsess about young men who were guests in the hotel who would then flee or try to avoid him at all costs.
He tried to get me to let him into thier rooms and stuff.
He should be about 80 now, and hes really violent if somebody doesnt do what he wants them to, when he demands it.
He got kicked out of his apartment before he moved into the Hotel California, because he tried to strangle that landlord, when he was enraged.

Its just so great that he is such a revered artist, isnt it???
It makes me feel like being a decent human being will give me no future as an artist.