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Reply to "Klaus Nomi"

I've got a sweet Klaus story.
When I was a young punk...
(yes sweetie, I was a punk!)
I was playing bass in horrible art rock bands.
(I was terrible).

One day Klaus asked me to join his band. I was thrilled. Of course there was no way in the world I could keep up with the rest of the band but Klaus didn't care. He dressed me in these skin tight black Betsey Johnson spandex pants and made me stand in front of him (which was weird because he was the lead singer) and he would just stare at my big fat ass crammed into these spandex pants. I had no idea what he was up to for about 2 rehearsals. Then I caught on (I'm not that smart) and quit the band.

I always wondered how long he would have let me stay in the band.

Klaus was a horny bastard!
He was great.
Really a lot of fun.
He and Joey (Arias) were great together.
I wish he wwas still around.
I wish they all were.