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Reply to "Lions and tigers and... BEARS!!!!"

I just saw Jonny at Rob Roth & Theo's "Screen Test" show @ P.S.122 (Fab BTW). He said that you walked in one minute after I left Hatch.

It was pretty crowded when I was there.
(Of course it takes a lot less of them to fill a room).
Jonny was doing these things called "Car Bombs" with this big handsome hairy giant from San Francisco.
(He must have been the bear-stud of the party because everyone was after him).

"Car Bombs" are a mug of Guinness with a shot glass of Jagermeister & Kahlua dumped in to it. It explodes and then you guzzle it down.
(something like that)
Jonny kept saying to this guy, "I'll do one more if you will".
I saw them do at least four.
Who Knows how many they did?
Oh, did I mmention that Jonny was working?