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Lord D' Drennnan

Dear friends and family

As many of you know, Lord D'Drennan, the long time Regent of the Court of Gotham and the legendary metal manipulator who gave us the aesthetic inspiration of the first Legacy Ankh design passed away this week after long suffering. we found his body today.

I am still finalizing details with his family. A memorial will be arranged, and as soon as details are finalized i will let all of you know so that you may pay respects.

I am deeply appreciative of all of your love and support.

D' was an amazing artist, mentor and brother to us all, and his passing is a loss to all who knew him.

Please light a candle for him tonight to help send his soul on the journey to the hereafter.

I'm still in shock from all of this... Please use this as a forum to express your love for him. He is in a better place now, hopefully a place filled with light, love, happiness and peace.

Suzi/Madame Forsythia
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