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Reply to "Lord D' Drennnan"

From the Sabretooth/Sanguinarium list



Dear members of the Vampyre / vampire community and Family,

This Thursday is the third anniversary since the passing of Master
Metal Manipulator D'Drennan. The creator of unique Vampyre artifacts,
best known for his legendary creations the Vampyre Ankhs.

P.N. Drerennan (simply D to those who knew him) has a Legacy which
will never be forgotten. What has always been a powerful element of
Immortality of the Self truly lies within those who are remembered. D
was a founding father of the Vampyre community in Gotham, a neutral
individual who loved all and set an example of chivalry, romance,
passion and what the Glamour of being Vampyre truly means.

We was loved by all who knew himx

His vigil was held a week after his death on Valentines Day 2005 in
Gotham and brought together a diverse and beautiful crowd of all
factions of the Vampyre community.

Sir Victor Magnus, a long time member of the Vampyre community in
Gotham Halo, created a tradition to remember him by, the Scarlet Ribbon.

This tradition, we hold dearly in Gotham, and for those of you who do
not know him, ask anyone who did. The response will always be a tear
of love, honor and fond memories.

So whatever ankh you wear find a small purple or scarlet ribbon and
tie it around your ankh. If you do not have any of his ankhs, pin it
on your shirt and wear it from Valentines Day, Crimson Festival for
the Vampyres and for 7 days after February 14th.

On Valentines Day night at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Get a
candle, any candle and light it and howl! D was famous for his
�Gotham Howl�, Let us be in Chorus to let him know we will never
forget him and that his legacy will continue to be a source of unity
for all who call themselves Vampyre or Black Swan.

With love, fond memories and honor. We will NOT forget you frater!

Sebastiaan Tod van Houten
Founding Father of the Sanguinarium & SABRETOOTH


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