Reply to "Mardi Gras in New Orleans 06: Krewe York"

Hi everyone...

Fat Tuesday is just 20 short days away.. Can't wait to see everyone and of course BE IN THAT NUMBER !


Have done some informal polling and decided to hold the informal MOTHERBOARDS meet up on Monday 2/27 (Lundi Gras) at "Zulufest" around 5 PM. This is just before the arrival of the Kings of Zulu and Rex by boat - one of my favorite MG traditions - and right after a free set by the Rebirth Brass Band, a truly brilliant local act.

I attach a link about zulufest, it is free and there is LOTS of great food to be bought there, so everyone could eat a BIG late lunch, as dinner is so much more challenging.

I'm getting hungry just reading about it...

the six food vendors kick up the Cajun aroma of crawfish pie, shrimp creole, file' gumbo, alligator sausage, Jamaican chicken, crawfish bread, barbeque ribs, seafood pasta, catfish po-boys, peach cobbler, pecan pie, and many more New Orleans delicacies.

If you would like to join us email me for details and cell #. We will probably go up and catch the Monday night parades just a few blocks past Canal Street after, but will make it a fairly early night as Tuesday's call is 10 AM IN COSTUME..