Reply to "Mardi Gras in New Orleans 06: Krewe York"

Just in case anyone didn't get these by email, or is just finding out about Krewe York, here are the meetup directions for Fat Tuesday:

Krewe York instructions - Fat Tuesday, 2/28

Meetup at 10 AM (ouch!) outside Flora's, 2600 Royal Street (corner Franklin Ave.) in the Fauborg Marigny. We will wait for the parade and join it there (great local alternative coffeehouse if you need to pick up caffeine and/or breakfast stuff). Parade rolls at 10 AM just three blocks away, so don't be late!

How To Get There:

From French Quarter: Walk Royal Street – cross Esplanade and you are headed the right way. (Canal Street and tall buildings are the wrong way). Franklin Ave. is approx. 8 blocks past Esplanade, downriver (towards Marigny and Bywater).

From the Marigny it should be quite close and is a neigborhood crossroads, ask anyone how to get to Royal and Franklin.

What To Bring:

Please bring a black umbrella or parasol customized with the words "Krewe York" and if you like, "NYC" and "NOLA". (These umbrellas will come in handy for spotting krewe members when everything bottlenecks later on, and of course to introduce ourselves).

Other group dress motifs are skulls and bones, black and white or carnival colors (purple, green and gold), mid 19th century Creole Carnival and NYC logos.

Lots of pics on the
site for inspiration!

Please wear comfortable shoes – it's a long day on your feet!