Memento Mori: Thursday, April 26th featuring guest DJ Parma!

MEMENTO MORI (lower level) joins the RAPTURE - Dark 80's Dance Party
FRONT_April 26th_MementoMori
on the main dance floor (upper level) at the Pyramid Club! 
MEMENTO MORI DJs Valefar, Stalagmike, Ana Vice, and special guest DJ Parma (Coven, U.K.) spinning a variety of outstanding classics, obscurities and new developments all night!
Vendor: Alexandra Yvonne of Steam Punk Style from Berlin, Germany.
$6 cover after 9PM. MEMENTO MORI starts at 10PM. 21+ and please bring valid ID.
101 Ave. A
New York, NY 10009
A mixture of nostalgia, revival, tribute, & the here and now!
Presented by Ana Vice, Stalagmike, Valefar Malefic, and Bela.
For MEMENTO MORI we suggest the following dress code: Goth, Vampire, Witch, Ghoul, Sinister Dandy, Dark Glam, Edwardian, Victorian, Deathrock, or basic black.
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Ana Vice


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