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Reply to "Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009"

Hattie, funny you mention that... We live in Park Slope, and the neighborhood was WAY tuned in. I got the message in a round-about way, also completely internet free.

I was walking in Prospect Park with Scooter, for a bit over an hour yesterday between 6:45 and 8pm...

In three separate parts of the park, I heard Michael Jackson BLASTING.

The first incident made me look up, because it was a woman with a baby stroller near the Carousel. The Carousel was ironically playing The Beatles "OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA" and she was singing to her baby "The way you make me feel."

I got chills. It was something about the combination of the songs and the woman's face that made me think it was a special moment.

Then I was over near Nethermead, and heard "I'll be there" playing...

Finally I got to the intersection of 5th Street and Prospect Park West and there were a whole group of teens with their car doors open blasting the Jackson 5's "I want you back" singing along and dancing on the sidewalk.

That was it. I thought.. "Something's happened with Michael Jackson."

I got home, and the first thing Zaz says was "Wow, big news day, huh?" and I said "Yeah, poor Farrah." and he said "You didn't hear about Michael Jackson?"

I said "Well, yeah, I guess I did."

Such a genius, but such a sad life.
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