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Reply to "Miss Understood's Hi from Thailand"

I'm writing to you from the fancy bathhouse. It's one of those places you could never leave. But I will. I'm not THAT pervy. I am being a little more pervy this year though. At home I would be wayyy too self concious to walk around in a towel. I hope Chelsea culture stays away from here forever! They do have some reverse body image issues here. They'll have perfect flat abs and then think they're too skinny!

You know here, the country not just the bathhouse, they would never think of making a frozen drink with syrup. There's always pineapples, oranges, pappaya, bannanas etc. On the street you could get frozen drinks for under $1. Here, since it's classy and expensive, made with Bacardi instead of local, and seved in a tropical garden courtyard full of cute guys in towels, I had to pay a whopping $2.25 for my frozen watermelon drink.

Oh, I meant to tell you about one of the most twisted things I've seen around town: Osama Bin Laden T-shirts. No, the Thai are not pro Taliban. It's just that throw-anything-on-a T-shirt mentality. Like in NY they are selling baseball caps that say "ground zero". What's that about?

Well, at the same T-shirt stand I'd see some anti Osama shirts, some with just his face (pro?), and some weirdly neutral ones. The most comman has the WTC in the center with closeups of Bush and OBL hazily superimposed on either side. It says "The Day The World Changed"

Mind you I've never seen anyone wear them. It's like those shirts and 9" buttons you used to see on 8th street that said things like "Bend Over Bitch!" Did you ever see them on a person?

Well, I'm gonna go git me some action. I need a break from my nunlike life in NY. Take care, don't slip in the snow.

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