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All is well with the costumes. Kathy Lee is here supervising the workers.

I am really going a little nuts with the buying. It's like when I used to go thrift shopping at Dompseys in Brooklyn. I would get so excited at how cheap all this great stuff was that in the end I would buy too much and really overspend.

Well, every time I spend too much on clothes I go eat a cheap dinner at a street vendor to repent for my sins.

You wanna know something cute? It's standard here to sit in the front when you get in a taxi. It felt weird the 1st time, but now it seems kind of sweet. Sometimes, even if their English stinks, they'll make friendly chit chat. It's certainly more personable than a wall with a money slot.

So this evening I went for dinner at one of those streetcorner places. I had a BBQ whole fish, stir fried veggies, rice, and bottled water ($5, fancy!). Two of the people serving were "ladyboys." You know, they were sort of hard, but not hard in a manly way, just hard. They were very casual, T shirts, a little lipstick. They were so plain it would be easy to walk by and not notice. If you really keep your eyes open you will spook them in the most mundane places.

In NY it is very rare that I see trannies in everyday jobs (KFC, Home Depot, bodegas). We really do have a serious job discrimination problem at home. Thai trannies just blend in with the working class. Don't get me wrong, they hook here too, but they seem to have more choices.

I procrastinated and scewed up my travel plans. Now I can't go to Viet Nam. I'll probably go to Chiang Mai for a few days. It's a beautiful city in the north of Thailand. They sell a lot of amazing hilltribe fabrics up there. Those hilltribes, they live in beige thatch houses surrounded by beige dry dusty soil and beige dry grass, yet they make and wear the most elaborate colorful clothing! It's like they need to compensate for everything else!

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