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Reply to "Miss Understood's Hi from Thailand"

I took a one day Thai cooking course. They actually cover a hell of a lot in one day! I'll soon be the green curry queen of NYC!

So this guy I'm dating here in Chiang Mai, Wat, the one who had the circle jerks with the monks, he's really great to hang out with. I feel like a biker chick on the back of his motorcycle! He's entering graduate school to become a teacher.

He's a bartender in a very odd location. At this three level flea market type place there is a weird long hallway on the side between the basement and first floor. It's like a barely noticable mezzanine. It houses five small gay bars in a row, like a long railroad apartment of bars. The crowd is made up of a lot of young (18-25) locals, many of whom are part time prostitutes. They are not really hard core hustlers or anything. They just make so little in their day jobs that they will go with a Euro guy for some fun and money. Most nights it seems like they just hang out at the bar with their friends and have a good time. Then sometimes, if a date comes along, they'll go with someone for some cash.

Bangkok is significantly more affluent than Chiang Mai. They have much more of a non-commercial gay scene. Here I think if it comes along, you take it. It's just a neccesary way of life.

Oh, here's a tidbit. There's a night bazaar that's very popular with tourists. Along the block there's a walkway that leads to a big food court that advertises free shows: Thai Boxing and "Cabaret," which in Thailand always means a drag show. There's a cute little stage right next to the boxing ring!

While the show is a little shlocky compared to the big famous ones in the beach towns, they still always do choreographed group numbers with matching costumes, feather headdresses, etc. The girls are mostly flawless trannies. This show had one freaky one. She was definitely NOT a trannie and she was pulling a freak look: blue hair, Jackie Beat lips, severe makeup. Her wardrobe needed help but I loved her. I tipped her and took her photo.

I happened to go on a slow night, when the show started there were only about eight people watching this lovely revue. The applause sounded sad. It was like the scene in Hedwig when she was playing at a salad bar. Toward the end a better crowd rolled in. razz razz razz razz razz
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