Reply to "Mr. Fashion (aka Gerard Little)"

Gerard was very low key.
Very talented and right up there in the Pyramid Club royal pantheon but he never pushed it.
Very sweet man.

Oh, Mr Fashion! What a legend. I'm posting a bit late, but funny I had been thinking about MR. Fashion because on the first episode of Projecxt Runway this season, Stella, the biker chick*chose trash bags for the "gristedes Challenge" and then found that they were falling apart. All I could think was, Mr. Fashion would have won that challenge - and he would have told anyone, you want at least 3-mils thick if yoiu are going to make a dress from a black plastic garbage bag! A couple of weeks later, I got an emil from Linda Simpson about Gerard passing . . . I was too depressed to post it here.

We did many shows together at Pyramid - and true to what others are saying, he was so kind and sweet to everyone. Oh he could dish, get angry, and be frustrated with queens, like the rest of us, but he didn't hold grudges and he did always find something good to say about everybody.

Remeber his song "I'm a Negro From Conneticut"? It was one of my favorite "old gems" from the Pyramid Treasure Chest(nut). He was a master of the Hattie Hathaway school of "hold the script in your hand" acting technique. And his Wah-Wah Hut lecture series was brilliant with guests like Quentin Crisp and Tiny Tim. Oh Gerard, I wish you peace.

* I adore her.