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Was that at Flowerpower?
Those girls are witches.
You're lucky you got out of there with your own balls intact.

From Wikipedia:
The plant is known in some areas as bindweed or jalap root. It has a pleasant, earthy odour, but it is a strong laxative if taken internally. It is not used for this purpose in folk magic; it is instead used as one of the parts of a mojo bag. It is typically used in sexual spells of various sorts and it is also considered lucky for gambling.
-So Daddy, Empress is either gonna get you to defecate profusely, or hex your johnson, or run off to the OTB office. But something also tells me she is planning for 'Sister Moon' next month.

Here's the whole entry at:
Magic Root

I especially like the excerpt from the 1961 Willie Dixon song 'Hoochie Koochie Man'.
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