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This is from items on the community board agenda:

WHEREAS, formerly there were PEP, NYPD, and sometimes DEP monitoring, there currently is no enforcement or monitoring; and

WHEREAS, people in this area suffer from abnormal levels of noise pollution every weekend;

The no monitoring claim is just a flat out wild lie. Every single event there has lots of cops in attendance ALWAYS. It is really laughable someone could assert there is no monitoring.

And, what the fuck is "abnormal levels of noise pollution"? Abnormal? Every weekend? Like, whenever the park fills up with people it is an abnormal condition?

Has anyone who actually lives on the block of E. 7th across from the park authored the resolution to stop concerts in the park? If not, then the initiative is based on a lie. But politics, even micro/local politics is frequently built of lies, and I'm not telling anyone anything new by saying so. So let's all first defend the neighborhood from the lies.

If someone wants to complain about the biggest source of noise in the park, fact is, the most routine, frequent, on-going, persistent source of noise in the park is families with children who get concentrated in the enclosed playground areas. This source of noise is everyday and peaks after 3PM when local schools let out. How come no one is complaining about the families with children who cause the most routine and persistent noise in the park? The concerts and other large public events in the park are insignificant sources of noise compared to the families with children.

The park is actually administered and controlled in a quite rational and reasonable way (by NYC standards) at the current time. Currently, there is an acceptable level of tolerance by the authorities most of the time.

The antisocial factor in this situation is the person, or few persons, who are instigating the move to attack the social well-being created by the park as it is currently administered and run. Apparently, Scrouge doesn't sit in the park sucking on a lemon, but does their ill will towards the rest of humanity from a seat on the very community board charged with protecting civility. Typical New York, forever attacking itself.

I'm heading over to the park now. To play my drum. For which, once, years ago, I was written a civil summons when a wealthy resident who lives on B collared a cop and literally forced her to cite me. This was done while the bus stood fifty feet away, and a lot closer to the rich person's apartment, making eight times more noise than my drum. And it took the cop plus eight of her co-workers AND a Lieutenant, over ten minutes to find the correct serial number for the particular infraction I was being cited for so they could actually fill out the summons. Seems the history of reasonable, rational tolerance in the park was not going to be tolerated anymore.
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