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Reply to "My own private East Village Part 2"

Can there be better news for the holidaze? And I LOVE the concept of the "Hipster Vatican"..


East Village bohemian snobs drive out the frat boys, from NY Post

"So, what brand of humanity is considered undignified to a guy who spends his days shepherding the underclass?

Frat boys. Solid men in Big Ten regalia. Business types who spent their college years learning about balance sheets instead of transgressive modes of self-actualization. To these, the East Village can be as intolerant as a monocle-wearing English aristocrat from a P.G. Wodehouse novel, gazing down upon the polloi and pronouncing them a little too hoi. As Sarah Laskow put it on the website, the patrons were “not some group of characters out of an old Lou Reed song, so much as the group of characters you’d find on Bourbon Street, or worse, North Avenue in White Plains. There was some irony in the marketing of Superdive, but not much.”


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