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Reply to "My own private East Village"

Major Hell's Angel's dish on 3rd Street yesterday.

A couple comments on Gothamist Contribute noted some issues around East 3rd Street today.

- Any idea what happened at the Hell's Angel house on E. 3rd St? Police tape and detectives were around when I walked by earlier this morning.

- Regarding the NYPD helicopter.
We live at 72 East 3rd, and there are snipers on the roof next to us aiming at the Hell's Angels who live opposite. There was a big ruck last night. I would imagine theyve got guns in the hells angels building.

- The bomb squad just bagged up the Hell's Angel's exterior cameras, and an armored assault vehicle has moved into position. Looks like a showdown.

Now it turns out the police presence is due to a woman being found "critically injured" outside the Hells Angels headquarters. The police have sealed off East 3rd Street. The police want to know if she was attacked inside the building and then dumped on the sidewalk. The police are apparently waiting to get a search warrant to enter the building.
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