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Reply to "MySpace and Facebook (was "Myspace")"

Thaks for the add, Daddy.

I couldn't figure out why myspce was so popular either, but my at horrid day job, they wanted me to create a myspce site for the wretched institution. So I created a ludicrous myspace identity called "Sweet-Bologna-Salad" - just to explore and see what it is all about - and I started finding people that I know, and then seeing who was in their friends list - and through that I have found a bunch of people that I love (or fucked) and am back in touch with. And now I admit that I am addicted to asking famous people to be my friend, but besides you, Hattie and Tangella among a few others, I have not had much luck.

I agree it is a spyware ladden monstrosity of a 8mph SUV on the info-super hi-way. But after a couple of back & forth crashing myspace emails telephone numbers are exchanged.

My Athens, Ga friends say that if one has a band, it is mandatory to have a myspace.

Did anyone see that article in NYT a couple of weeks ago a while back about Satchi & Satchi's site that is the artists' must have myspace imitator? Hattie is right it is all about business. I think that these mywebsite things are going to become super segmented (and super demented) I can't wait for
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