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Neighborhood Characters

Anyone who has lived Downtown for a while has a favorite neighborhood character. You may not know him or her personally but you enjoy seeing them do their thing or work their look, adding flavor to NYC's diminishing though still existing gorgeous mosaic.

Lucy / Lucia: The gothic looking trannie from E.10th street with a fondness for parasols. She once told Johanna Constantine that she looked like Brooke Sheilds.

Meow (formerly Cat... or Kat):
Always decked out in tie dye with hair to match, super long colorful nails, and a new wave neon design (it looks like Long Island) painted over one eye. She's always working in the neighborhood, first at Sock Man, then at Ricky's, more recently at Love Saves the Day. I really admire someone who is so dedicated to their look for so long. BTW she had a REALLY HOT son who I met at Jackie once. He was dating a trannie but I hear he has since married a GG.

Michelle The Rock Chick: In the summer of 1985 I was riding into the city on Thursdays to attend a mixed party at Palladium. There was this stunningly made up bleach blonde gal working the mailing list with a breathy Marilyn-like voice. Think Angelyne/Dale Bozio/Rhonda Shear, with a hard rock edge. She was sooo fem that I wondered if she was a transsexual. Years later I met her working at Roxy. Her name is Michelle and she's a biological female. I see her all the time on Saint Marks walking her dog. To this day she is always painted always in heels, never has roots showing, she is flawless.
Does anyone know anything about her? I am such a fan!
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