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Reply to "New and News, Part 6"

I luv this article in the UK Daily Mail.. it's SO AbFab! It's so funny - if it weren't all true! Anyone else wanna join Class War with me?

Some tidbits -
Diary of a billion-heiress
Life of luxury: Yuki Oshima-Wilpon

Yuki's whole lifestyle is funded by her billionaire father, a Japanese financier.

MONDAY: 11.50am

One of my two protection officers, Richie, knocks on the bedroom door to wake me. Although I didn't go out last night, this is still fairly early for me. I normally get up at about 2pm if I've been to parties the night before. My left foot is still killing me.

... I give shoe designer Jimmy Choo a call. We recently talked about creating an 'ethically friendly' range, ............. He's a lovely man and a fashion icon, and I'd love to be his muse.

Eeek, am late for a meeting with my photographer. We're arranging to do a glamorous photoshoot "” not for the Press, just for me and my husband.

I decide the party isn't over and call up the Halkin Hotel in Belgravia to book their best suite so that everyone can carry on partying. It costs over £1,000, plus we get through 15 bottles of champagne, but we have a great night.


Am dragged out of the Halkin Hotel, where I've been partying all morning, by my driver and protection p officer. The driver has been waiting for me since 7pm m last night and wants to go to bed. Get home and go straigh ht to bed myself - the joy of bei a rich socialite and not havin ng to work.

Ugh, the doorbell wakes me. It's our organic shopping being delivered and food for our dog Billy. Bruce and I are vegetarian but we realise that is not fair for Billy.

Instead, we order organic chicken breast and the housekeeper cooks it for him daily with brown and white rice. He's quite fussy now and will eat only organic.

He's never been left alone in his life and a dog-sitter needs to be booked when we both go out. He's a privileged dog and has been flown around the world on private jets "” from Tokyo to Hawaii, New York to LA, Paris to London. He takes after his mother.

I have to get up again because Stuart, my hairdresser, comes round to style my hair for an event tonight. .. I rarely make the effort to go to his salon now. There's no point when I can pay him £450 to come to me.

Not really in the mood to carry on - I'd much rather have a massage. I like my massages at random times of the night when I've come in from a heavy dancing session.

I have a great masseuse whom I can call any time, day or night, and she drops anything for me. So I wake her up and she comes over for a few hours. It's bliss.


Didn't get to sleep properly until about 8am after my massage, so I needed a lie-in. But I've got loads to do so I can't sleep in any more. Suzie comes round and helps me choose what to wear for the day.

Once again, I am a woman in demand, but as I'm wearing my new gold sequinned Gucci dress - one of the hottest dresses from their autumn/winter collection - I'm determined to make an entrance at as many parties as possible.

You never want to be wearing something that someone else will be wearing, but this dress - which cost £4,290 - is not even available yet, so I know I'm onto a winner.

..... relax with him and get a table in the VIP area. Have lots of champagne as my mouth is dry from drinking cheap cocktails.

FRIDAY: 10am

It's my housekeeper Angie's birthday today and she has asked for make-up. Bless her, she says she has never owned make-up before ...

.. Then I head to Boots in Knightsbridge and grab everything on the make-up shelves - one of every shade of lipstick, eyeshadow and nail vanish.
.... I tend to buy my own make-up from Harrods and Harvey Nicks

And so it goes... Read the full article its a hoot!!! Sweetie dahling