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Reply to "NOTS 21: The Wild Heart - your reviews, pics and videos please"

Here is my video set list from NOTS 21. I started to play at 8:38. At this point only staff, crew, performers and their guests were in the venue. I didn’t want to play any of my new video edits yet, as I was saving them for when a crowd had formed, so I pretty much just played mostly original videos. I was also trying to hold out on playing the special Intro to NOTS until some of my friends were inside and a larger crowd had gathered. I couldn’t wait any longer so at approximately 9:16 I played my intro clip. In the week prior to NOTS when I was practicing and deciding what I wanted to play and in what order, I realized that I had way too much material. I didn’t even get to play half of what I wanted to play or some of my new video edits.
Before we opened:
20:38 : Sometimes It's A Bitch
20:44 : Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Outtake)
20:47 : Every Day
20:51 : Angel (a mix of Stevie in the studio and the live clip both from the Tusk doc. edited to the album version)
20:56 : If You Ever Did Believe
20:59 : Big Love


Venue opens:
21:03 : Little Lies (Rockamerica Remix) (this is the video edited by rockamerica set to the extended version)
21:09 : Secret Love
21:12 : Paper Doll

My real set begins:
21:16 : NOTS Intro (Outside the Rain-Stand Back) (special edit of various people saying Stevie’s name ending with her Dad then charging into the US Fest of OTR/SB)

21:24 : Dreams (with Deep Dish) (video edit of at least 8 performances of Dreams all set to the Deep Dish mix)

21:29 : Ooh My Love (a video montage of pics from the OSOTM era)

21:34 : Seven Wonders (Remix Edit)

21:38 : Whole Lotta Trouble (Edited Remix) (I think most agree that the original video was not Stevie’s best live vocal so I had this re-tracked to the single edit remix and you can’t even tell. This gives it the “umph”, the extra kick)

21:42 : It's Late (Chris Isaak Hour)

21:44 : Sorcerer (Marilyn Martin version) – this is a special clip, like a mini movie featuring Diane Lane, Stevie and Sheryl all singing along to the Marilyn Martin version. The video also incorporates a clip of Stevie and Mick for the bridge. Very cool “if I do say so myself.”

21:49 : I Can't Wait (Discotech Remix) – Disco Tech was a CD pool service from the 80’s and 90’s and they took ICW and made a mix using both the Rock and Dance mixes. This video is set to that mix.

21:54 : No Spoken Word (Album Version) – The Red Rocks performance edited to the album version.

21:58 : Gypsy (Extended Mix) – The video edited to the extended mix found on FM’s The Chain boxed set.

22:04 : Nightbird (Live from SNL) – thanks to GoldDustOrphan for uploading this clip.

22:08 : Edge of Seventeen (Live from Storytellers) – this was re-tracked from the old VHS tape using the CD audio from the Storytellers CD.

22:15 : NOTS Outro – I posted the link for this one above.