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Reply to "NOTS on YouTube"

Howdy Daisy Mae rose*~...
So nice to hear from you....I know,I have been off the Boards for WAY toooo long..Its nice to be backSmile. Sugar, I wish I could say I was going to perform this year but unless a spot opens up I seriously doubt it Frown I had hoped to do Crystal ( Love Stevies version) or Sister Of the Moon, hopefully someone will do one of them. Wink That is not to say I wont be there though. NOTS18 has an incrediable line up so far, so many returning performers that I know and Love its hard to get them all together in any one year. That alone makes it worth the trip to me, besides I dont think Prel Our Dove of Doves would let me out of going. I will be sure to keep you posted as soon as I know for sure...Thanks so much for the interest and I hope this message finds you Happy & Healthy..Keep In Touch and I have a feeling I will be seeing you come May....
Brightest Blessings Of Love & Light Always,
Lizzie Balboa-Davis
Enchanted Gypsy
Originally posted by daisy mae:
Nice to see you back in the forums

Do you know if coming or preforming this year?

twirls and huggs