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Reply to "NOTS on YouTube"

Wow... I had thought I caught most of the NOTS clips on YouTube,there are some really GREAT ones of the HO HO's but I missed these...Thanks Gypsy0033 rose for posting...Just look @ all the Beautiful Gypsies of The Night... I see the Beautiful Ms.Amber Garbo Rockin It, and the MULTI-TALENTED Bella Donna cutting loose...
Bella I have so enjoyed ALL of your performances on YouTube I believe you are one of my Heros Wink
Hugs & Brighest Blessings,
Lizzie Balboa-Davis
Enchanted Gypsy
Spins-In-Veils[QUOTE]Originally posted by Gypsy0033:

Heres 2 clips of the Battle I found on youtube.
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